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    We help businesses sell more through the use of digital and social media marketing concepts and strategies.

If a good product can’t be found by the people who need it, what good is it? And how will a business survive if its customers don’t know it exists?
What makes Sell More Social different from the competition?

Unlike the competition, who likely come from a design and publishing background, Sell More Social comes from a business and ROI background.  Our designs are built from a business first perspective.  We understand business, so we design a strategy that includes functional tools and a marketing strategy that focuses on your ROI.

Sean Morrissey, Founder and CEO, previously partnered with a product inventor for 10 years with the goal to commercialize the initial products, develop the business and additional products, and to sell the business in 5 years. Although the business developed solid products that helped the disabled walk, after 5 years the company was not ready to be sold and had been growing very slowly. At about the 7 year mark, the business was sustainable but still not growing at the rate it needed to. Sean either wanted out or needed to do something different. At that point, Sean decided to get current with digital and social media marketing technologies and employ these cutting edge marketing methodologies to the company.

Sean applied these new marketing strategies to the company during the next 3 years. The business grew at a rate of about 26% each year.
By employing these digital and social media strategies and infrastructure, the company was able to not only grow the business and make more money, but also spread the word about a good product which essentially improved people’s lives around the world by helping them walk better. Patients and customers were not only delighted that the device worked but they were also excited that they were able to find it!

Sell-More-Social.com takes these same principles and applys them to other products and service businesses. Who doesn't want to grow sales, make more money and help people at the same time? Hence, Sell-More-Social.com was born to help the small business and entrepreneur get found through digital and social media marketing.
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