Some of Our Clients

Some of Our Clients

We have built sites for clients in a wide range of industries and backgrounds from small, one-person operations to larger firms with multiple locations and everything in between. Below are some of the sites we're especially proud of. 

J.D. Stewart Financial 

J.D. Stewart is a local financial adviser with two offices that was looking to modernize their website. We were able to make their new site mobile responsive while keeping all of the old features they liked. We also added the ENGAGE platform to allow them to schedule meetings and engage with their clients in real time!

F.O. Bailey Anitquarians

F.O. Bailey Antiquarians is a local antique shop that needed a site upgrade to make the site mobile responsive and in line with the company's overall branding, one of the state of Maine's oldest companies.


Motifs is a retail shop to browse, laugh, and linger,  find the perfect piece of clothing, outfit, or gift. 

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